BC05 - Baby Rabbit

$11.50 NZD

Handmade Christmas: Just one ball of top quality pure wool is all that's required, along with elementary knitting skills. Like real bunnies, this knitted version seems to multiply, I have made so many as gifts for babies, children and adults. If I have a spare few hours and something good to watch on Netflix, a knitted bunny miraculously appears. I like to give mine a huge fluffy pom pom tail and have also been known to attach a possum fur pom pom to it's nether regions, making it an extra special bunny.   

A true gardener sides with Mr. McGregor rather than those irascible Flopsy Bunnies. My veggie patch is now flourishing as my elderly bunny has gone to the lettuce patch in the sky. I much prefer a knitted rabbit, my latest creation is low maintenance, well behaved, super cute and eco friendly. No...he's not knitted out of angora but from an extremely lovely, organic, merino yarn.


Finished Length: 33 cm 13 ins

MATERIALS: We used Lammermoor Organic 8ply for our little pink rabbit and found it to be very suitable!

You will need 1 ball (100m) of 8 ply wool for this project, along with a small amount of cream wool to embroider the features. A 30 cm length of ribbon tied in a bow makes for an extremely well turned out bunny!

One pair size 4mm [6 US] knitting needles, 28 cm length of ribbon and fiber fill.