Erika Knight Wild Wool 10 ply


We are finally turning our backs on single use plastic bags, we've embraced Gluten Free and Paleo and twisted ourselves into all sorts of ridiculous positions at our weekly yoga class. Some of us have fallen by the wayside, gorged on a Big Mac, and a family block of chocolate and let our gym membership lapse. Those with true commitment to a healthy sustainable lifestyle are now ready for the Next Big Thing...well, that's if you are a knitter!

Erika Knights latest yarn, aptly titled Wild Wool has  our name written all over it, literally! In our store we champion quality natural fibers and especially those with a strong ethos of sustainability. Wild Wool is a blend of pure  soft wool and natural nettles. Nettles grow abundantly and perennially, they do not require valuable water for irrigation or chemical control. Nettles, blended with pure wool  make for  an incredibly soft, subtle and sustainable fiber, and this particular gem is available in eight irresistible colours. Each of these shades have a name...Pootle, Dawdle, Amble,Meander, Mooch, Wander and Traipse. I might give Brisk a wide berth, it sounds far too energetic! 

Enough rambling... now take a few moments to browse our selection of Wild Wool and plan your next project. 

Click onto our 10 ply Wild Wool patterns, I think the're pretty damn amazing. I dare you to consider these designs fuddy duddy, old fashioned or boring!

  • Composition: 85%  Wool, 15% Viscose (nettle)
  • Origin: Made in Italy
  • Meterage: 170m
  • Weight: 100g hank
  • Washing Instructions: Handwash