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Inca Spun 10ply Blustery Day Scarf


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This is a free pattern with purchase of the accompanying wool. Please only select 'buy now' if you have also added the relevant wool to your knitting basket.

My elderly parents are still on their own in England. A few years ago Mum elected to have some 'tinkering' done to her heart valves so that she could walk up hills (She loves walking and hated getting out of breath and left behind by her walking pals). It took her three days to wake up after the operation, during which time by brother (in Sydney) and I had boarded our respective flights and flown to Manchester. Unable to sleep during the 30 hour flight I managed to knit myself one of these moss stitch scarfs (thank goodness you can use bamboo needles on the plane). I arrived in England to mum sat up in her hospital bed, handbag on her lap asking when she could go home. Despite the horrific situations under which I first knitted this scarf, it remains one of my favorite projects of all time. 

  • Yarn: Requires 5 balls of 10ply Inca Spun Worsted or Inca Spun Tweed and 1 ball Brushed Alpaca for the tassels.
  • Needles: 9 mm
  • Sample Colour: Duck Egg Inca Spun Tweed (col 8117), Pink Inca Spun Tweed (SH 8930) Mustard Inca Spun Worsted  (SH 1825) Charcoal Brushed Tassels (SH 403)

Please note this scarf is knitted with two strands of yarn held together. Please do not be alarmed as soon as you have cast on the two strands automatically 'stick together' as one stitch.