'Drop Stitch Sweater'


This is a free pattern with purchase of the accompanying wool. Please only select 'buy now' if you have also added the relevant wool to your knitting basket. 

I know many of my new, nervous or lapsed knitters fear the dratted ‘dropped stitch’… goodness knows how many projects I have had to ‘rescue’ as you sheepishly sidle into the store with your half-finished garments. Have no fear, this sweater has heaps and heaps of dropped stitches, it is all part of the design, and you will not have to take a seat on my ‘naughty sofa’ while I sort it out.

Approximate measurements:   

To fit bust 34” (85 cm) with a finished measurement of 92cm.

To fit bust  38” (95 cm) with a finished measurement of 102cm.

To fit bust 42” (106 cm) with a finished measurement of 116 cm.

Length from top of shoulder to waistband 54cm, 56 cm and 58cm.

Sleeve seam 43cm ,45cm and 47 cm.


Yarn: 5 (6, 7) balls of Indiecita Brushed Baby Alpaca

OR 3 (3, 4) hanks of Touch Yarns 'Alpine' 12ply

Needles: A pair of 6mm and 8mm needles

Blunt tip/big eye sewing needle.