Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Oven Cloth Kits Was $25 Now


Enhance your life with our retro, easy to knit, and extremely useful padded oven cloth. 

Knitted oven cloths make a fabulous Christmas gift, please trust me on this one!  An oven cloth can be made in just a couple of evenings, making it the perfect gift for a last minute 'Secret Santa' or to get you out of no end of trouble when presented with an unexpected gift that must be reciprocated. We have all been there!. I have chosen some Liberty of London fabric for our Christmas Kits, just to make things extra specisl!  

Powder your nose and apply fresh lipstick. Soon ‘Hubbie’ will be home from the office. With his newspaper and slippers in your hands, and the alluring aroma of a freshly baked cake in the air, you eagerly await his return.

Our pot mitts can be knitted in an evening, so once all your household chores are completed you can take the weight off your feet, loosen your girdle and settle down and do a spot of useful knitting. Won’t your kitchen be a delightfully jolly place to be, with a neat pile of pot mitts beautifully arranged next to the stove?

Please do not take the above too seriously, I have had a severe telling off from a customer over my ‘derogatory tongue in cheek humour’. In my house my husband can wear whatever colour of rubber gloves he wants for washing the pots!


Kit includes:

1 ball of Rowan Summerlite Cotton

1 square of quality cotton print fabric. Liberty fabric for our Christmas Kits!

Cotton insulated wadding.

Cotton tape for hanging loop.


You will also need:

3.75 mm needles

Sewing needle and cotton

Size: approximately 26 cm x 26 cm