'Easy Garter Stitch Jumper'


This is a free pattern with purchase of the accompanying wool. Please only select 'buy now' if you have also added the relevant wool to your knitting basket. 

We frequently get mothers coming into the store accompanied by their teenage daughters who are clutching the latest Vogue, Harpers Bazar or Fashion Quarterly magazine. They have spotted a loose knit simple sweater, understated in appearance but with an eye watering price. Mum knows she can achieve a similar look but at a fraction of the price and have a great deal of knitting satisfaction into the bargain.

Our simple garter stitch sweater uses luxurious and incredibly soft brushed baby alpaca, which is available in understated natural shades and also hot bright colours. As a young lady leaves the shop clutching a bag containing her ‘new jumper’ we say in a joking manner that doing household chores for a week will be adequate ‘payment’ for mums knitting time…hopefully it sinks in!

  • Size: Small/medium size: finished chest approximately 102 cm (40 inches)            Large: finished chest approximately 112 cm (44 inches).
  • Yarn: 8 (9) balls of Indiecita Baby Brushed Alpaca
          OR 4 (5) hanks of Touch Yarns 'Alpine' 12ply
  • Needles: 4 mm and 6 mm
  • Sample Colour: Light Grey (SH 434)