Heavenly Blanket

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This is a free pattern with purchase of the accompanying wool.

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Handmade Christmas: Be warned...if you knit this blanket for a family member or loved one you will be inundated with requests, everyone will want their own blanket, and you may well set yourself up to be accused of family favouratism. Thankfully this blanket can be made easily withing a couple of weeks and it is a design that's suitable for a novice knitter.

Many of you will have admired, fondled and cuddled our Brushed Alpaca Blanket that we've have had on display for many years. Over time, I have shop-lifted our sample for my own personal use and knitted a replacement blanket in a different colour for the shop. From memory this will be my tenth Brushed Alpaca blanket.

My latest creation has a lovely textural moss stitch border and even more voluptuous fringing. It was rather warm knitting it over the summer, but I know as soon as the cooler weather arrives, this blanket will go missing from the shop and find itself much appreciated in my home!

Size: Approximately 105cm x 105cm excluding tassels


10 balls of Chaska Air Baby Brushed Alpaca

6 mm knitting needles. The number of stitches will fit on a full-length pair of straight needles, or if you prefer, use circular needles.

Crochet hook to attach the tassels.