Inca Spun 10 ply 'Suits You' Beanie with Fluffy Pom Pom


This is a free pattern with purchase of the accompanying wool. Please only select 'buy now' if you have also added the relevant wool to your knitting basket.

This is a beanie that suits any adult head…a hipster, bearded bloke, an impoverished-avocado on toast eating-university student, a cuddly middle-aged husband, or in the case of a customer today…a gift for a 100-year-old gentleman. I DO NOT suit beanies. I have very short hair and a small head. I love to knit beanies but when I plonk one on my head I look a little odd.  I look as though I am going through a treatment of chemotherapy, strangers gave me sympathetic looks and shop keepers are noticeably more polite and helpful . Family and close friends just laugh at me.

This beanie is different, it really does suit me. It has just enough volume and the turned back brim frames my face in an extremely flattering way. My husband may disagree but I think I am just about on the right side of ‘middle age’ to get away with topping my beanie with a great big fluffy pom pom.

Our beanie can be made with an extra chunky turned back brim (as seen on the cream beanie) or a more fitted style (as seen on the teal beanie).

  • Yarn: 2 Balls of Inca Spun Tweed or Inca Spun Worsted. Please note this beanie is knitted with two strands of yarn held together. Please do not be alarmed as soon as you have cast on the two strands automatically 'stick together' as one stitch. 
  • 1 x Pom Pom
  • Needles: 6mm and 7mm needles
  • Size: one size: to firmly fit the average size adult head.
  • Sample Colour: Inca Spun Tweed Natural (col 100) with a Reindeer Pom Pom, Inca Spun Worsted Teal (col 701) with a Walrus Pom Pom