Naturally New Zealand Natural Wool 14ply


Brand Naturally

Do you remember The Good Old Days, when fish and chips came wrapped in newspaper, when policemen, teachers and nurses were held with the utmost respect and a four wheel drive vehicle was used on the farm rather than for the inner city school run?

The genteel art of knitting has also torpedoes it's way into The Modern Age, with 'yarns' available from all over the world, just the click of a mouse, the swipe of a credit card and a speedy carbon guzzling DHL flight, your yarn is delivered straight to your letter box. Many of these yarns have NEVER been within sniffing distance of a sheep, and alpaca or some other fluffy beast in need of being relieved of it's fleece. Nice! 

Ok, enough ranting and rambling, may I entice you with some damn good, no nonsense New Zealand wool...Simple, Honest and Sustainable. There's a few shades available, simply  just the colour of the dye and limited processing. 

I won't pretend this is the wool to use for special little babies knitting, however if your man needs a new sweater, or your precious offspring,  at Uni' in windy Wellington or chilly Dunedin,need some extra warmth, this is the wool to use. For those of you fortunate to own a bach, I can imagine you will need a whole tumble of cosy cushions and blankets, and if like me, you have an adorable dog, a blanket for the basket is an absolute necessity. 

200g hanks.

225 metres.


Limited Stock.

5.5mm to 6.5mm needles.