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I am an avid fan of charity shops, and a few months ago I pounced upon a 1950's Husqvarna sewing machine at the Milford Hospice shop. I am also an eager collector of fabric, I arrange it beautifully and get great joy just looking at it. Over Christmas my magnificent machine and my stash of fabric (aptly titled 'woolly' and 'sheep') took over the living room (my family were very patient) and I spent many hours beavering away, producing my first collection of 'Exclusive Wild and Woolly Knitting Needle Rolls'. My learning curve was steep, my language a little un-lady like and I became an expert at wielding the 'quick unpick'. I am extremely proud of my first run of needle cases, so if you miss out, don't worry I have the next lot of fabric chosen.

Measurements: 25cm width x 40cm length