Pure and Simple Organic Face Cloths.

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This is a free pattern with purchase of the accompanying wool. Please only select 'buy now' if you have also added the relevant yarn to your knitting basket.

Handmade Christmas:These ever so simple organic cotton washcloths can be made in a couple of evenings. A trio of cloths tied together and accompanied by a bottle of eco friendly handwash makes a thoughtful and appreciated gift.

During this last Level 3 Covid-19 Lockdown my husband's renovated our bathroom, he's done a terrific job. I've played my part by adding a stylish trio of knitted washcloths. I doubt my bathroom is worthy of a feature in New Zealand House and Garden, for that I would need to do some serious 'room dressing'... scented candles, house plants and a display of expensive toiletries. Those things all gather dust, so I will be content with my knitted face cloths!

Our pattern is for 3 different, yet simple designs, one garter stitch, one moss stitch and the final one stocking stitch with a garter stitch border. I have used my 'leftovers' to make a fourth striped washcloth, how resourceful is that?

Materials: 3 balls of Sesia Organic 4 ply Cotton. I have used Driftwood, Ice Cream and Clear Water. For a really pretty, colourful washcloth take a look at our Sesia Bimbo printed cotton.

A pair of 3 mm bamboo knitting needles. (bamboo needles are way nicer to work with than metal or plastic needles)

A knitter's needle to sew in your ends.

Size: Approximately 26 cm by 26 cm.