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Sale Circular Knitting Needles 40cm, 60cm, 80cm,100cm.


Brand Naturally


I have managed to 'acquire' an awfully large amount of top quality bamboo knitting needles, circular needles and crochet hooks. The procurement of said items  went something like this... 

My supplier: "Fran, would you be interested in some clearance bamboo needles and crochet hooks at $*** per item? I can let you know what sizes we have and you can choose what you want"

Silly Me: "Hey, at that price don't bother listing everything, I will take the lot".

Well, two enormous boxes arrived at the store the following day containing over 2,000 needles and hooks. In a nano second I worked out that I would still be selling these goods in 2050, by which time I would be an incredibly doddery shop keeper, suffering from dementia and  incontinence, and would have totally  lost my sense of humour.

My husband was not particularly impressed with my impetuousness, he saw the invoice and noted  how many pieces had arrived. There was simply no way I could say "darling, I've had these for ages and don't worry, they will all be sold by the end of next month"!

Please take this opportunity to stock on a lifetimes knitting needle requirements, save my marriage and teach me a lesson!