Saturday Night Fever


This is a free pattern with purchase of the accompanying wool.

Please only select 'buy now' if you have also added the relevant wool to your knitting basket.

A bit of a blast from the past¦this simple scarf uses a very bright, almost psychedelic yarn, thats guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 

  • Materials: 3 balls Chaska Hand Pianted Brushed Alpaca

  • Needles: a pair of 12 mm needles. Your needles may be marked as 12.75 mm.

    Crochet hook for attaching tassels. Big eyed, blunt sewing needle for sewing in end
  • Size:

    Approximately 150 cm long and 22 cm wide excluding tassels.
  • Sample Colour: Real Groovy

  • Meterage: 130m per ball

  • Gentle Hand Wash

Tension: not applicable for this project

Alternatively: You can also knit this scarf in Chaska Alpaca Air; you will need 4 balls as this yarn has a shorter meterage.

You will be knitting 2 strands together to create a much thicker fluffier yarn. This is super exciting and really quick knitting. The two strands automatically stick together once you start knitting.