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FREE Shipping For All Orders Over $150 in NZ

5th January 2018

  Wild and Woolly is officially in the 21st century!

Edward Llwyd, probably the last old man to
knit stockings in Bala, North Wales c. 1875

Wild and Woolly Yarns have existed for nearly 40 years, I have owned the business for the past 15 years, and I am excited to announce the next milestone in the history of our lovely wool store; The launch of what we feel is the best website for any knitting store, ever!

Vist us online here!
We have held off 'going online' as we have always been firm believers that you have to fondle, feel and inhale the yarns to truly get to know them. However, it has come to our attention that Wild and Woolly has developed a rather large domestic and international following, and we don't believe that distance should be a barrier for supplying our customers with our top notch products and great customer service! 
So please, take your time to explore our new website. We aim to showcase the very best of New Zealand knitting products and patterns, with a couple of our international favorites thrown in. This is just the beginning, and we will continue to share exciting new yarns, patterns, tips and tricks as we discover them! Finally, we also welcome your feedback on the website, we want your online experience to be the virtual equivalent of what we provide in our physical store. 

Francesca and Olivia have worked tirelessly on the website over the last four months. They are much younger than me, they are full of energy and enthusiasm and they 'just get it'. I am a dinosaur (extinct), a Luddite (against innovation and progress) and am very much stuck in my ways (**#*##**!)  Both girls have been extremely diplomatic in dealing with my regular helpful suggestions. I believe Her Majesty The Queen often uses the phrases 'how interesting' and 'lovely' when not wanting to be drawn into a conversation, to not give false hope and to not offend. I seem to remember these phrases being directed to me on a very regular basis. Thank you girls, for your hard work enthusiasm and never ending patience! 

Now enough about all this 21st century technology....On this extremely wet and windy day the first of my winter wool's arrived in store. Jan, my lovely Alpaca Yarns supplier, asked me many months ago to select some new shades for her range of Baby Brushed Alpaca. I chose six new autumn shades, which were sorely lacking in the range of primarily spring/summer shades available. I have spent the day unpacking the new colours and re arranging my shelves. As many of you know I have made countless blankets from this yarn, and one of my local ladies has produced no fewer than eight! I can't wait to get knitting with one of the new beautiful new shades but I'm struggling to choose a colour. My usual method is to go 'eenie meenie miney mo' however Olivia suggested that I ask my customers to help me pick a colour. So if you would be so inclined, head over to our website and have a look at all of our shades of Baby Brush Alpaca and let us know your favorite shade by sending us a quick email. At the end of next week we will have a draw and one lucky participant will receive a hand-made needle roll.

I must stop rambling now, its late, and I am tired. I will make my cocoa and settle down with a book. Believe it or not I am actually reading 'The Four' The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, by Scott Galloway. The book was one of my husbands Christmas presents, I received Nigel Slater's The Kitchen Diaries, which I have taken to bed most evenings and thoroughly devoured. I collect cookery books and have a collection approaching ninety in number. I am handling the new genre OK but I expect it will be my one and only read on this sort of subject. Please don't ask me any questions on these Goliaths of e-commerce as either old age or disinterest has rendered me rather forgetful.
So, please do enjoy our new website, direct any questions you may have to Olivia, as she has declined all offers from Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook and remained loyal to Wild and Woolly Yarns.

Happy Knitting from the Woolly Girls
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