10th December 2019

The Wool Shop Is Closing...for a few weeks over Christmas and New Year.

I've lived in New Zealand since 2002, having moved from England, via Sri Lanka, and settling in Devonport. I took over ownership of my wee wool shop the following year, knowing only the rudiments of knitting, and having absolutely no business experience...
December 10, 2019 by Fran Stafford

25th November 2019

Black Friday...the day everyone goes mad
please take this newsletter 'with a pinch of salt'

I'll explain this photo later
  We are counting down the final days and hours until that rather relatively new, and rather curious phenomonen, known as the The Black Friday Sales. Many of us will feel a gradual rise in panic and anxiety, money is tight and Christmas, with all it's self inflicted physical, mental and financial pressure  is just around the corner. You aim to be strong willed and resist all incidious Black Friday marketing, BUT can you honestly afford to NOT purchase a sofa bed for the spare room, a second  vacume cleaner, just in case your current one stops working, and, if you purchase your 'other half' a leaf blower, then of course your entitled to a new lipstick. Hmm!
November 29, 2019 by Fran Stafford

12th November 2019

'Thank you for the (HUGE) donation you made online'

said the e mail I received today from the breast Cancer Foundation NZ.
This really is a brief, almost ramble free, newsletter. I just want to let you know that we managed to raise  $4000 for Breast Cancer Research NZ last Thursday, Friday and  Saturday. Our sale yarn was severely depleted come Saturday and within 15 minutes of opening the store, we were totally cleaned out. I feared I might get lynched by annoyed customers, thankfully, that wasn't the case. Here's a  photograph of Kate, who had traveled down from  Kerikeri early Saturday morning. She managed to grab a few balls to add to her stash; that  bag really is filled to the brim with wool.
November 13, 2019 by Fran Stafford

4th November 2019

"Fran, I Didn't Expect To See You Here"

all proceeds donated to Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.

One  rainy and miserable Saturday morning earlier this year, my husband and I  drove over the bridge to Mercy Hospital. We had  an appointment with Maria, an oncologist. We got drenched in the dash from the car park to the hospital entrance, hadn't a clue as to where we had to be, and having finally found our way, we tumbled into the  waiting room, which was  empty. (I had requested the  first appointment, I had a wool shop to open at 10.am) The lady, seated behind the reception desk looked up to greet us. The welcoming smile rapidly fell from her face as  she recognized me, (she's one of my  lovely customers) and blurted out "Fran I didn't expect to see you here."...
November 13, 2019 by Fran Stafford

17th October 2019

We  are 'on the gram'! 

  I am a Luddite (someone who fights against progress). My family prefer to use the term imbecile when referring to my ability to navigate a laptop, a mobile phone and the remote control for the TV. I also have to admit that for half the year the clock in my car is an hour 'out'. I can't make head nor tail of my car manual, so as the hour changes, my clock remains at the old time.
November 13, 2019 by Fran Stafford

6th August 2019

MASSIVE SALE and wool shop in danger of being washed away!

Can I temp you? 

  Starting this Thursday at 10 am, and continuing through 'till  4pm on Sunday, I will be holding our biggest Wild and Woolly Sale ever. As usual, all the yarns on offer will be of top quality but at rock bottom prices. Most will be in the region of one third of their  original retail price. I will outline the details further into this newsletter but first, here's a few 'ramblings'...
November 13, 2019 by Fran Stafford

30th May 2019

Her Majesty Is Having A Birthday Bash

Happy Birthday Your Majesty
   As many of you know, technology just isn't my thing. Sending out this newsletter takes a great deal of time, energy, and nerves of steel. Olivia, my amazing 'technology girl' has written me a point by point idiot proof guide titled 'How To Do A Newsletter'.  I still, occasionally, drop a clanger. (silly mistake) I mix up photographs, fonts change of their own accord and page layout is a law unto it's own. The worst  of all,  is when everything I have painstakingly written, disappears. Olivia mentioned something about a 'save' button...it's all a bit beyond me!
June 05, 2019 by Fran Stafford

17th April 2019

Brown Paper, String and a Spirit Level

  I had absolutely no intention of sending a long and rambling newsletter. All I need to do is let you know that our opening hours are a little 'Topsy Turvy' over the following week. Now, if I had my way I would stipulate that all shops remain shut on Sundays, and that on Wednesdays and Saturdays the doors firmly closed at lunchtime. That way I could spend some lovely quality time with my family, Yeah Right!  Actually I would far prefer to hide myself away with my knitting and get some much needed peace and quiet. 
April 26, 2019 by Fran Stafford

20th March 2019

A Long Overdue Newsletter

Harry being a van guard dog. Yeah right!

I will try not to ramble on too much in this newsletter so here's a quick brief. You can choose what's of interest to you and maybe skip all my nostalgic and nonsensical ramblings.

April 26, 2019 by Fran Stafford

17th December 2018

 A Brief Knitivity Newsletter


  DO NOT PANIC! I am not going to suggest you grab you knitting needles and whip up a knitted nativity by the 25th of December. There really is enough pressure on us all at this time of year as it is.

  Now, this really is the shortest newsletter I have ever written, my husband will heave a sigh of relief, he's my chief proof reader, and rather than pointing out catastrophic errors and ambiguities in grammar and spelling, he normally gives a snort and mutters under his breathe "you do go on rather a lot"!
December 19, 2018 by Fran Stafford