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Knitting Is Officially And Olympic Sport…

Knitting is Oficially an Olympic Sport!
And a fellow Brit has won the gold medal!
Best concentrate, even an Olympian can drop a stitch!
Claire and I, both being Pom’s, would like to congratulate the diver, Tom Daley, on his recent gold medal win at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

However, whilst Tom’s diving ability is undisputedly the best in the world, it is his talent for knitting that has caught ours, and the world’s, attention.
Shortly after his gold medal win, Tom was spotted in the stands cheering on fellow athletes, and at the same time, knitting a doggy jumper.
The following morning, at a press conference,  he produced his knitted medal cosy, describing it as follows…”It’s got a Union Jack on one side and the Japanese flag on the other. The medal and the ribbon tucks in nicely and I can carry my medal around without getting scratched” Tom goes on to explain “knitting has become my way of finding calm, mindfulness and relieve stress, it’s the one thing that has kept me sane through this whole (Olympic) process”. And…most importantly Tom revealed he had packed a large amount of wool in this Tokyo bound suitcase. The wise knitter knew, due to Coronavirus restrictions’ he would not be allowed to leave the Olympic village, and any trips to a Tokyo wool shop would be totally out of the question. What a very smart boy!

If you would like to see more of Tom's creations he has a designated knitting Instagram account which you can follow here
Wool Sale Alert!

Like Tom Daley, all true knitters have a sizable stash of wool, and, in these turbulent times having a very sizable stash is more important than ever.
Our Prime Minister, Jacinda Adern, has successfully guided us through the Covid 19 Pandemic, however she is rather a 'fast woman' inflicting Lockdowns on us with impressive speed. No knitter would want to face unexpected downtime without a little extra wool to keep them occupied. No, us knitters would never be caught short, drop a stitch, or become unravelled, and we'd definitely never be a ball short of a sweater!

So, if your stash needs a little replenishing, take a look at this this fabulous Italian Merino.
Just a small selection of our sale Merino Wool

This yarn is available at the very special price of $12 per ball, the retail recommended price is $18 plus. Click here to go directly to the SALE section of our website.  Maybe I could knit an Olympic gold medal and award it to the knitter with the biggest ‘stash’…"on your marks, get set, GO shopping." 

As an added bonus, there's an interesting 'twist' on this yarn which results in a beautifully, even knit, with superb stitch definition. Even the most novice of knitters will achieve amazing results.

At our incredible sale price you can afford to make everyone in your family a sweater, however I really love using this yarn for exquisite babies’ garments. Grey, in all shades, is my predictable choice of colour. From soft dove, to slate, to deep charcoal, this wonderful neutral shade is always available in my knitting bag, it’s a super ‘all round’ colour. I suppose I’d better grab some before it  sells out!

So, a short and sweet newsletter, I’m off to do a spot of knitting. I’ll never need a case for  an Olympic medal; however a Union Jack tea cosy would be rather useful!

Happy knitting,
Fran, Claire, and Olivia
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