Bc52 - Harper Hoodie


A simple knit textured hoodie with a garter stitch yoke for a boy or a girl.

Drop shoulder sleeves, garter stitch front bands and rippled knit and purl edges.

Buttoned up with 3 buttons, this is a great addition to any wardrobe.

We made our teal version in Loyal Vegas Tweed. 



To fit:


Age               0-3     3-6     6-9     9-18       Months

To fit size   40        43         46         48          Cm

                        16         17          18          19          Ins


MATERIALS: Wool amounts for this project are based on a 50g ball at 90m per ball

Touch Yarns 8ply Merino

Silver             4            4            5            6          50gm Balls


 One pair each size 3.25 mm [3 US], 4 mm [6 US] knitting needles and 3 buttons.