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Handmade Christmas

Choosing the perfect Christmas gift for a family member or friend can be a challenge, and for obvious reasons, Christmas shopping will be doubly challenging this year.

Thankfully, my immediate family have agreed to exchange handmade gifts, my daughters cook, bake and sew, and of course, I am a knitter. My husband is an accountant, he is only creative with figures! Fortunately he has a thick skin and a great sense of humour. His handmade efforts will be met with eye rolling and  awkward silence…It wouldn’t be Christmas without a little family disharmony! 

If a Handmade Christmas appeals to you, PLEASE do not crochet a poodle themed wine bottle cover or knit some sort of modesty blanket for  toilet rolls. 

I have selected a lovely range of projects, some easy and taking little time,  others taking a little more skill and a week or so to complete. Skill levels and time are indicated on each project. All these projects can be completed before Santa arrives. 

If you’re not the creative type but would like to give a crafty gift we would be delighted to help select a lovely knitting project, or maybe a Wild and Woolly Gift Voucher. 

Happy Christmas Shopping.

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