Addi Crasy Trio Double Pointed Needles

$35.00 NZD

Brand Addi

I am a simple knitter, a garter stitch girl, maybe some simple stocking stitch with minimal shaping. Certainly nothing fancy and definitely not circular or double pointed knitting! However I cannot sell only what I like...I've had numerous requests for the Addi Trio needles so here they are! The moment they arrived, Michele, my 'Monday Lady' pounced on them, grabbed some wool and promptly started her 'test drive' At the end of the day a set found their way into her handbag. The following morning a delighted lady popped 3 sets into her shopping bag and gleefully declared I had made her day!

Here's the technical information...With these Addi needle trios of flexible double-pointed knitting needles, you can knit even the smallest diameters without getting tired. Distribute your stitches over two needles and knit with the third.  Made in Germany. Set of three each 21 cm.