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Addi Express Kingsize Knitting Machine

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The Addi Express Kingsize Knitting Machine presents an appealing option for both seasoned knitters and those new to the craft, offering a range of features that simplify and expedite the knitting process. Here's a detailed look at its offerings:

Quick and Easy Setup

  • Simple Table Attachment: This machine can be easily attached to a table, ensuring stability during your knitting projects. This feature allows for a seamless transition from setting up to starting your project, minimizing prep time and hassle.

Versatility in Knitting

  • Broad Range of Projects: From socks and hats to bedspreads and runners, the machine's versatility allows for the creation of both clothing and home accessories. Its capacity to handle various projects makes it a valuable tool for knitters looking to explore different types of knitted pieces.

  • Flat and Circular Knitting Capabilities: With the ability to produce both flat and circular knitted pieces, users can tackle a wide array of knitting projects, offering more creative freedom and options in knitting patterns and designs.

Efficiency and Size

  • Large Knitting Performance: The machine is equipped with 46 needles, making it suitable for large projects. Its size allows for the creation of significantly larger pieces in a fraction of the time it would take to knit by hand.

  • Circular Knitting Size: It can create circular knitted pieces with a diameter of approximately 13.8 inches (35 cm), ideal for larger circular projects.

  • Plain Knitting Width: For flat knitting, it achieves a width of about 17.7 inches (45 cm), providing ample space for broader projects without the need for piecing together smaller sections.

Suitable Yarn Size

  • Yarn Compatibility: Designed to work with yarn sizes that correspond to US needle sizes 6 – 11 (4 – 8 mm), the machine accommodates a range of yarn thicknesses, from medium to bulky, allowing for flexibility in texture and fabric density.

Additional Features

  • Mechanical Counter: The inclusion of a mechanical counter aids in tracking your knitting progress, ensuring accuracy in patterns and project size without the need to manually count stitches or rows.

Ideal Use Cases

  • Rapid Project Completion: Its ability to quickly produce large knitted areas makes it perfect for knitters looking to complete projects in a timely manner, whether for personal use, gifts, or commercial purposes.

  • Experimentation and Learning: For those interested in experimenting with knitting techniques or tackling larger projects without the extensive time commitment of traditional knitting, this machine offers a practical solution.


The Addi Express Kingsize Knitting Machine stands out as a highly efficient, versatile tool for knitting enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to dive into larger projects, decrease project completion times, or explore a variety of knitting patterns and designs, this machine provides a solid foundation for creativity and productivity in knitting.