BC53 - Emmerson Vest & Hat


A sleeveless stripped vest with pocket detail and 3 buttons at the back neck. The matching beanie, is super cute and completes this adorable set.

I knitted our shop sample from Inca Spun Heritage yarn, choosing Blue Slate for the main section and the stripes in Oats. This yarn has a history, it's nostalgic, reminiscent of wild Scottish moors and 19th century British mill towns. I want this garment to be timeless not 'trendy' I imagine this is the style and colour of sweaters, vests and waistcoats worn by our grandfathers in years long past.

The Hat pattern has two versions, knitted flat on straight needles for the more novice or traditional knitter, or in the round, on double pointed needles, for those a little more advanced and not wanting to sew a seam! 

One pair each size 2.75 mm [2 US] and 3.25 mm [3 US] knitting needles and one set each size 2.75 mm [2 US] and 3.25 mm [3 US] double pointed needles, 3 small buttons and stitch holders.