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Here We Go Again...I'm Sure I've Used This Title Before!


  I know Jacinda has our best interests at heart, but I for one, am coming to the end of my tether. The snap Auckland Level 3 Lockdown means that my little wool shop will be closed for the next few days.  Of course, our  online store remains open, and we will be processing any Click and Collect Orders with lightening speed. I aim to get all such orders ready and waiting at the shop door within  of a couple of hours. Heaven forbid you have no knitting wool and have to resort to housework!   

  I normally have a finely tuned sense of humour, however I really am struggling to find anything remotely amusing or upbeat about this current situation...well actually there is a a little amusing story I will share with you.
  My daughter and her partner have recently arrived 'home' having lived in Australia for the last few years. They are currently on day 11 of their Managed Isolation at the Sudema Hotel near to Auckland Airport and will, hopefully, be released on Tuesday evening. It was a relief to leave Melbourne, as the Victoria Lockdown had been particularly harsh and I know my daughter was missing 'home' and the freedom that all of us were enjoying. Managed Isolation is not something any of us would wish to endure, however Francesca cannot praise the staff and the facilities at her Isolation Hotel highly  enough. Room service has been exemplary, with tasty and plentiful meals delivered to their door, dirty laundry was collected and returned pristine and pressed within a matter of hours and staff were attentive, helpful and informative. The medical team were particularly vigilant, watching out for any guests discomfort, and swooping at lightening speed with a thermometer and a nasal swab. Most importantly, the hotel grounds were spacious, allowing guests unlimited outdoor exercise during daylight hours. Francesca will be posting a glowing review on Trip Advisor, I suspect it will go something like this..."Hotel so fantastic that we felt little need to leave our room for the entire fortnight. Spacious grounds, with plenty of room to exercise, other guests kept their distance and did not engage in bothersome conversation. Only one gripe on an otherwise amazing experience...what's with the   NO VISITORS ALLOWED POLICY? My mum and sister wanted to visit but were unable to scale the double fence. Mum said it would have been a miracle if she were able to 'jump the fence' and, had she succeeded, I reckon she'd have made the front page of the New Zealand Herald!"

A really bad 'Selfie'
  Well, having absorbed this evening dismal news,  I'm now going to guzzle a large glass of wine and attempt a few rows of knitting. I say 'attempt' as I know full well that if I have as much as a sniff of wine my knitting suffers. Actually, I'll ditch the knitting and give the bottle of wine my full attention!

 So I'll repeat those familiar words, stay safe, be kind and keep knitting.

Happy Lockdown knitting,
Fran and Olivia.


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