Vintage Vest & Pants 8ply (P1318)

$9.50 NZD

Brand Peter Pan

There's Old Fashioned Homemade and then there's Vintage Handmade. To those of you unfamiliar with our physical store and our shop philosophy, we are firmly in the Vintage Handmade category!

Reminiscent of a bygone era, this exquisite pure merino Vest, cardigan and ensure your special baby is beautifully 'turned out' and is so warm and cosy.

This is such a simple vest to knit, just a couple of balls of soft merino wool and very elementary knitting skills.

I have made two samples, a plain version in Nordica shown in 'Mushroom (1621) and a rather colourful version in Nordica Prints. Our lovely multicoloured vest is shown in shade 'Faded Flowers (3144)

I understand this vest and pants are supposed to be worn as undergarments but they are way too beautiful. Imagine the pantees worn over a pair of tights and the vest as a delightful short sleeved sweater. Using the grey wool from the pantees I have embroidered a row of 'lazy daisies along the front and back of the vest. How cute is that?

*Please note that this leaflet also contains the pattern for a lovely pair of 4ply vintage pilchers (overpants), our cute sample is knitted in Naturally Baby Haven, a pure NZ Merino.