Pure New Zealand Winter Hats...for a Little Toddler & Mum or Dad. (077)

$11.50 NZD

With the arrival of our glorious New Zealand made possum pom poms I just had to knit a couple of showstopping beanies. The adult cabled beanie is incredibly easy...the toddlers a little trickier. You do have to concentrate on every row, and as I knit to 'switch off and relax' rather than give my brain a 'work out' there was a fair amount of unraveling, swearing and brute determination. Don't let my description put you off...the end result is well worth it.

Our adult beanie sample is made in Lammermoor Organic shade 80 Chalk, the toddlers beanie would look super in Lammermoore Rosebud or Touch Yarns Peony.

Each beanie requires 2 x 50 g balls of 8 ply wool a pair of 4 mm needles and a cable needle. Our suggestions would be our Touch Yarns New Zealand Merino or Lammermoor New Zealand Organic Blend.

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