'Tarras Poncho' New Zealand Possum 4ply Shawl.


Using only the 'knit' and 'purl' stitches, we encourage our new knitters to think of it as an extension of a scarf, and our more experienced knitters to pick it up to keep their hands busy whilst watching Call The Midwife. 

It is very easy knitting! 

This garment looks amazing on all shapes and sizes. Whether your short like me or slender and tall, as I am in my dreams, you will look fabulous! 

  • Yarn: 2-3 hanks of Touch Yarns Possum 
  • Size:small/medium (or if you are not particularly tall) 2 hanks. Large/ extra large (or wonderfully tall) 3 hanks.
  • Needles: 4 mm

Note: We originally knitted this shawl with Amuri 4ply. However this yarn has since been discontinued. We strongly recommend using this beautifully soft New Zealand Touch Yarns Possum as a substitute.