Rosarios For Nature Print Organic Cotton 8ply

$14.30 NZD

I was given the opportunity to stock this yarn some months ago. I turned it down flat! Patty, the sales rep', suspected I would, she has a sense of humour and knows me well. This yarn was ugly, it made me shudder and screw up my face and the colours were definitely 'dodgy'. It was old fashioned, utilitarian and functional, it would have reminded my grandmother of The Depression Years.

And yet, I was intrigued, the longer the sample hanks of yarn glared at me from my work desk the more my interest was piqued. The yarn seemed to be pleading with me to wind it into a ball and start knitting. I mellowed, I gave the yarn a chance, I begrudgingly grabbed some needles and cast on...Well, I have to admit that having worked with yarn for 20 years I am obviously an ignoramus!

This organic cotton is FANTASTIC. Soft, bouncy, yummy and highly addictive, with rather lovely gradations in shade. I adore the nostalgic 1930's inspired colours and have given each shade a name,  Please, do with this yarn whatever you want, I currently have two separate colours 'on the go' (you finish a project quicker that way, don't you?) and of course, I'm knitting dishcloths, which happen to be my current favourite project. You can use our complementary dishcloth pattern if you too, are an addicted dishcloth knitter!

  • Composition: 100%Organic Cotton
  • Origin: Made in Portugal
  • Meterage: 150m
  • Weight: 50g hank
  • Tension: 20 sts to 10 cm on 3.25 mm to 4 mm needles
  • Washing Instructions: Machine Washable

Tension: 20 sts = 10cm / 3.50mm - 4.00mm needles