Indiecita Baby Brushed Alpaca and Inca Spun 'A Bit of Fluff'


This is a free pattern with purchase of the accompanying wool. Please only select 'buy now' if you have also added the relevant wool to your knitting basket.

My Colleague, Marya, was ‘playing around’ with our beautiful alpaca yarns and came up with the idea of combining two of our favourite yarns together. Brushed Baby Alpaca combined with our Inca Spun Alpaca are a winning combination…structure, warmth, softness and a little bit of glamorous fluff. We decided to really make a statement and topped off her creation with an enormous pom pom.

  • Yarn: 1 ball of Indiecita Brushed Baby Alpaca and 1 balls of Inca Spun Worsted or Tweed. Please note that two strands of yarn are worked together to give a chunky effect. Do not be alarmed, once you have cast on, the two strands automatically ‘stick’ together and can easily be worked as one stitch.
  • A Pom Pom 
  • Needles: 6mm and 7mm 
  • Size: one size: to firmly fit the average size adult head.